Evaluation of the ECHO response to the Syrian Crisis 2012-2014 | Executive Summary

Analysis for Economic Decisions (ADE)
Publication language
Date published
01 Jun 2016
Impact assessment
Conflict, violence & peace, Coordination, Forced displacement and migration, Funding and donors, Protection, Syria crisis
Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq

This evaluation provides an overall independent assessment of the ECHO response to the Syrian crisis in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey for the period 2012-2014. It covers ECHO-funded operations in these five countries and answers a set of 18 evaluation question defined by the European Commission, which serve as a basis to reaching useful conclusions and recommendations. The evaluation is geared to a wide range of stakeholders, including ECHO Headquarters (HQ) and country level staff, national and regional stakeholders, participating implementing partners, and other humanitarian and development donors and agencies. It has both a retrospective and prospective dimension, aiming at assessing past support, but also at providing recommendations with a view to improving the performance of ECHO operations in the future.