The use and impact of ECD Kits: Post-earthquake Haiti 2010

Deters, L.
Publication language
Date published
01 Sep 2011
Evaluation reports
Children & youth, Disasters, Earthquakes, Response and recovery

This report aims to provide a better understanding of a specific niche response, the ECD response, in post-earthquake Haiti 2010. It concentrates on the UNICEF ECD Kit, a dominating ECD response, examining the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance or appropriateness, sustainability and the overall quality of the kit and its use. A primary objective of this report is to identify the capacities and capacity gaps in the usage of the kit while an overarching focus examines the overall potential of the ECD Kit via such a mass distribution of the kits during the first phase of an emergency to assist the Ministry of Education (MoE), education authorities and relevant stakeholders to provide and include ECD during the first six months to a year of an initial response.