Final Evaluation of UNICEF Education Cannot Wait Program in Whole of Syria (January 2020 - June 2023)

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Date published
07 Nov 2023
Impact evaluation
Development & humanitarian aid, Education, Response and recovery, Quality education (SDG)

Purpose and planned use 1. The primary purpose of the evaluation is to assist UNICEF and Save the Children (PMU), partners and donors to evaluate the results achieved, the gaps and key bottlenecks and if the implementation is equitable and inclusive and if it has been done in an efficient, effective, and well-coordinated manner.

2. The learning aspect of the evaluation will primarily benefit UNICEF, SCI and the donor in designing and implementing the next phase (July 2023-June 2026) of the ECW programme.

Objectives 3. The objective of the independent evaluation is to provide accountability to donors, rights holders, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host communities with respect to whether UNICEF and SCI through the implementation of the ECW programme are fit for purpose in response to the education needs of Syrian children, adolescent girls and boys.

4. More specifically, the objectives of the evaluation are threefold:

• Assess UNICEF and SCI’s progress towards to the attainment of ECW results at output, outcome levels, and the overall goal, including cross cutting issues of human rights, gender, and disability, based on existing evidence and analysis.

• Assess the relevance to context and needs, efficiency, effectiveness, and coherence of the MYRP project in terms of design, implementation, partnership, and community/ beneficiaries’ engagement.

• Document programmatic and operational – particularly the UNICEF- SCI implementation arrangement of the ECW programme- lessons learned and opportunities that will inform the design of the next ECW funding.

• Provide key recommendations (including potential shifts) on the planning, implementation, monitoring and coordination of the ECW programme.