SHOUHARDO III performance and impact evaluation: endline evaluation of Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance resilience food security activity in Bangladesh, implemented by CARE International : volume II : appendices

University of Notre Dame. Pulte Institute for Global Development College of William and Mary. AidData Center for Development Policy Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
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Date published
01 Oct 2023
USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)
Impact evaluation
COVID-19, Food and nutrition, Food aid, Food security, Livelihoods, Recovery and Resillience

This publication was produced for review by the Expanding the Reach of Impact Evaluations (ERIE) quantitative and qualitative teams. Minus the language on the comparison/treatment analysis, the analysis plan is based on and utilizes the language from the baseline analysis plan prepared by ICF International, Inc on September 8th, 2016 titled “Data Treatment and Analysis Plan: Baseline Study of Food for Peace Development Food Assistance Projects in Bangladesh''. This is to ensure that the analysis done at baseline and endline for the agreed upon indicators is identical.