NGO perspectives on the EU's humanitarian-development-peace nexus

Thomas, M.
92 pp
Date published
28 Jan 2020
Research, reports and studies
Conflict, violence & peace, Development & humanitarian aid, NGOs

How do we address emergency needs and tackle root causes? Will the current momentum on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus support a people-centred approach in protracted crises? Do NGOs have the experience and tools to support this?

The VOICE report identifies the current challenges and opportunities of working in a nexus approach from the humanitarian NGO perspective with the aim of supporting NGOs to engage with the EU on this approach.

Already back in 1994 NGOs were able to link relief and development activities, particularly when they worked with local communities and organisations. Twenty-five years on, with the urgent need to better address people’s needs in protracted crises, this report documents the current enablers and barriers to working in a nexus approach in different contexts.

Through a number of case studies, the evidence base from NGOs’ own work demonstrates the nexus’ advantages, particularly with regard to retaining a people-centred approach and implementing community resilience.

The report also looks at the obstacles of this approach. Among others the different procedures, budgets and organisational cultures of humanitarian, development and peace actors.