Islamic Relief Worldwide - Global WASH Desk Review & Mapping Report

de Veer, T
Publication language
Date published
22 Dec 2022
Programme/project reviews
Assessment & Analysis, Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG), Water, sanitation and hygiene
Islamic Relief

The objective of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) of the review covered by this report, is to review IRW’s WASH programmes since January 2017, including extent, nature, key results (outcome, impact & sustainability), best practices and learnings from the programmes, review and describe sector best practices, promising and scalable innovations or evidence-based solutions already being scaled, trends and evidence of what works related to WASH programming and approaches in fragile, low- and middle-income countries, and ensure that IRW will be able to utilise the information to inform its programme, policy, advocacy and planning towards achieving its strategic objectives in the WASH sector. The Consultant recommended to: (a) also assess indicators like improved access, safety, quality, affordability, continuity etc. for realized WASH facilities and services, through a refined version of the JMP ladders2 in combination with qualitative information, and (b) develop a review matrix for IRW’s information needs, based on feasible review questions and methodologies, and omit the questions on costs.