Evaluation of Integrated Approach to Programming in UNICEF Lebanon

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Date published
15 Jun 2023
Impact evaluation
Education, Health, Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG)

In the 2018 Mid-Term Review of UNICEF's country program in Lebanon, a "strengthened focus on programmatic integration of services" was recommended. In order to implement this recommendation, several initiatives were launched. A review of progress made towards integrated programming was undertaken in preparation for the launch of the new country program 2023-2025.

In this evaluation, UNICEF in Lebanon was evaluated on the extent to which its integrated programming approach had been implemented and whether it was on track to meet its objectives. In addition to examining what has helped or hindered it, the evaluation drew lessons for future programming.

Based on a non–experimental design and drawing from both ‘theory-based’ and ‘case-based’ approaches, a mixed method approach was employed to answer evaluation questions. The overall rating of the approach to integrated programming as embedded in programs, policies, and processes as per the selected evaluation criteria was Partially Satisfactory.

The evaluation came up with 6 recommendations on how to make an integrated approach to programming a success in the context of Lebanon.