Inclusive systemic evaluation (ISE4GEMs): A new approach for the SDG era

Stephens, A., Lewis, E.D. and Reddy, S.M.
Date published
01 Jan 2018
Rapid Learning Review
Evaluation-related, Organisational
UN Women

Systems thinking is an innovative approach that can expand our awareness of global challenges to better respond to the circular nature of the world we live in. Global development is now recognized by the 2030 Agenda as being characterized by multiple interconnected and indivisible realities as expressed in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With this understanding there is a need to think and act beyond one area of expertise or mandate to understand how the actions of our work contribute to the SDG goals and objectives.

Systems thinking can help us in this endeavour. With SDGs in mind, the UN Women Independent Evaluation Service initiated the development of a new evaluation approach entitled, Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments and Marginalized Voices (ISE4GEMs). The Guide is underpinned by inclusive systemic thinking and organizes evaluative practice to capture the intersectional linkages that shape the lives of human and environmental systems.