2021 DEC Afghanistan Crisis Appeal External Evaluation

Commissioned by the International Rescue Committee
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Date published
29 Feb 2024
Evaluation reports
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Cash-based transfers (CBT), Complaints and feedback mechanisms, Conflict, violence & peace, Evaluation-related

In mid-September 2023, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) commissioned an independent evaluation of its two-phased DEC-funded project  in three provinces of Afghanistan—Helmand, Badghis, and Bameyan. The evaluation, conducted by an independent consultant and a dedicated team, aimed to assess the overall impact of the two-phased project on client households.

The evaluation findings suggest that there was a significant alignment between the project activities and household priority needs, fostering early recovery, and enhancing community resilience. The project performed well in client responsiveness and accountability, providing various feedback channels. Active engagement with the community, feedback-seeking initiatives, and community sensitization sessions exemplified the project staff's commitment to transparency and inclusivity. The evaluation concludes that the DEC-funded project had a positive impact on client households, aligning with global humanitarian standards. 

Although 48% of respondents were aware of the complaint response mechanism, efforts to enhance awareness should be intensified. Additionally, the report suggests investigating challenges related to aid redistribution, as 2% of respondents reported negative consequences, specifically instances where community elders sought a share of assistance received. Furthermore, concerns arise from 9% of respondents who claimed non-receipt of assistance despite being listed as beneficiaries.