IASC Endorsed Cash Coordination Model

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Date published
01 Apr 2022
Protocols / Procedures
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Development & humanitarian aid, System-wide performance

The cash coordination caucus proposes some important changes to the international humanitarian coordination architecture that formalises cash coordination in the existing system. The main changes include:  

At country-level, the IS/ICCG, under the existing chair (OCHA for IASC coordination or UNHCR for refugee coordination arrangements), is responsible for overall cash coordination.

At country-level, establishing and/or formalising the Cash Working Group (CWG), to report to the IS/ICCG and to manage day to day coordination. CWGs would have nonprogrammatic and programmatic co-chairs, including from local organisations and local governments.

At global level, establishing a global Cash Advisory Group (CAG) to support country level cash coordination technically and in terms of capacity. This would have a nonprogrammatic chair (OCHA) with representation from the programmatic entities (UN, INGOs, local partners, the RCRC Movement, and technical bodies such as CashCap and CALP). UNHCR will act as chair for discussions related to refugees only settings. The proposed model ensures predictable and accountable mechanisms for cash coordination which can take timely decisions as needed. Further it leverages existing coordination structures, ensures clear accountability to one agency , mitigates conflict of interest in performing coordination duties (through non-programmatic/ programmatic co-chairs) and provides a referral path in country (to the IS/ICCG and subsequently to the HCT if needed) and globally.