Final evaluation for Zambia Drought Emergency response operation

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Date published
19 Jun 2022
Impact evaluation
Drought, Response and recovery

Purpose/Objective: The overall purpose was to undertake an evaluation for the drought response operation in Kalabo District thereby determining the relevance and effectiveness of the Red Cross intervention, the Movement cooperation within the operation and identification of lessons learned and recommendations to inform future similar operations. In addition to the final evaluation assessed the outcomes of the Cash Transfer, Agricultural input support and WASH programs against the planned project results.

Methodology: The assignment was undertaken in 3 phases. Phase I focused on inception (developing shared understanding between IFRC and consultant on the assignment). This involved desk review of relevant documents and initial brief systematic consultations with IFRC staff before proceeding with the rest of the assignment. Phase II involved data collection, detailed literature review, stakeholder consultations, household Survey and Key informant interviews. Phase III focused on data analysis, report compilation and presentation. This phase focused on consolidation of information collected, categorization of the information, data entry and analysis and report writing paying adequate attention to the assignment terms of reference and the emerging issues captured in the inception report.