Evaluation of the Policy on WFP's Role in Peacebuilding in Transition Settings

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Date published
26 Feb 2021
Evaluation reports
Peacebuilding, System-wide performance

These Terms of Reference (ToR) are for the evaluation of the policy on WFP’s Role in Peacebuilding in Transition Settings1 approved by Executive Board (EB) in November 2013 and included in WFP’s Policy Compendium thereafter. As with all WFP Policies issued after 2011, their evaluation is covered by the Policy Formulation arrangements agreed with the EB in 2011, 2 which include an evaluation four to six years from the start of implementation. Due to resourcing constraints, an evaluation of this policy has only been included in the Office of Evaluation’s (OEV) 2021-2023 work plan with a target submission to the 2022 EB annual session. The period covered by this evaluation is 2014 to June 2021.