Evaluation of Adolescent Girls and Young Women’s Access to Education During COVID-19

Publication language
Date published
30 Sep 2023
Impact evaluation
COVID-19, Gender
Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda
Plan International

Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on education at every level all over the world. In many East and Southern African countries, the experience of the pandemic followed the effects of measures to slow the spread of Covid-19 severely effecting Africa’s education system. We have important lessons for all of us, both in Africa and outside it, in how African countries dealt with the pandemic and are working to mitigate its effect on their education systems.

This report, and the study findings behind it, provides a unique insight into the perspectives of girls, education actors and experts regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education in five countries of Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Rwanda. It recognizes that the continued closure of schools has exposed millions of young women and adolescent girls to increasing protection risks and severely threatens their futures are girls out of schools are less likely to resume.