Cash Transfers Programs and Human Mobility: Sharing experiences, debates, and learnings

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01 Sep 2023
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Cash-based transfers (CBT), Forced displacement and migration

Cash Transfers have been one of the commitments of the Grand Bargain in which significant progress has been made. It should be noted that the challenges posed by different humanitarian contexts also oblige us to improve and revise these modalities of assistance in complex situations. The large flows of human mobility urgently require a design of solutions focused on transforming the system for the benefit of the beneficiaries of these programs.

In the case of AECID, €7.2 million was allocated in 2021 to projects for displaced persons, of which €1.7 million were directed towards Cash Transfer Programs. In 2022, there was an increase, reaching €11 million, of which €2.2million were directed towards CTPs. However, in addition to funds, it is important to consider the level of specific training among humanitarian actors.

The phenomenon of human mobility is not something new, and each person has their own motivations. Therefore, it is important to provide differentiated attention. Some individuals will have more capacity to move than others. Mobility assistance must be provided based on an understanding of the context in which they find themselves, as the risks can vary.