Afghanistan PRRO 200447 Assistance to Address Food Insecurity and Under-nutrition: An Operation Evaluation

Coombs, D., Soekarjo, D., Moossavi, N., Bokhari, S., Hakimi, A., Horst, N.
Publication language
Date published
01 Mar 2016
Thematic evaluation
Food security, Nutrition, Forced displacement and migration, Internal Displacement

The evaluation covers the Afghanistan PRRO 200447 operation "Assistance to Address Food Insecurity and Undernutrition". It was intended for both accountability and learning and focuses on assessing: i) the appropriateness and coherence of the operation; ii) its results; and iii) the factors explaining the results. The evaluation assessed the following activities: 1) Respond to the food-security and nutritional needs of internally displaced people (IDPs) and returnees affected by conflict, and people affected by natural disasters and economic stress, 2) Support the recovery of communities affected by shocks, 3) Treat moderately malnourished (MAM) children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and 4) Contribute to learning among primary and lower secondary school pupils and adults, particularly women. The evaluation, which makes a number of recommendations for the future, was managed and conducted by a consultancy firm, with fieldwork taking place in November-December 2015.