Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance technical guidance for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting for emergency activities

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Date published
01 Feb 2022
Evaluation-related, Monitoring

This document describes key monitoring, evaluation, and reporting responsibilities of BHA international emergency assistance awards using Title II or International Disaster Assistance (IDA) accounts. The guidance applies to activities implemented by U.S. or non-U.S. NGOs, including PVOs. The guidance outlined in this document does not apply to PIOs, although they are encouraged to use this document as a resource.

This guide is intended to provide supplementary technical guidance to the requirements outlined in the BHA Emergency Application Guidelines (EAG) and award language. The purpose of the document is to help partners, including new or existing, and local or international partners, to operationalize these requirements. BHA developed this guidance in response to the requests from implementing partners to elaborate the M&E requirements articulated in the EAG. The guidance was developed based on best M&E practices for humanitarian contexts. It offers flexibility in M&E approaches considering the diverse contexts where our partners work. This document does not add any new requirements for partners, rather it provides guidance on the requirements included in the EAG. The remainder of Chapter 1 summarizes the M&E requirements from the EAG for reference, while the following chapters contain technical guidance for partners to develop M&E plans following these requirements considering diverse and challenging contexts. The guidance offers flexible approaches and provides examples for illustrative purposes. The guidance also offers processes to request for exemptions to the requirements if the context demands for more flexibility.