Immediate response actions: sexual misconduct

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Date published
30 Aug 2023
Plans, policy and strategy
Accountability and Participation, Organisational Learning and Change, Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH)

The purpose of this document is to collate and summarize a range of actions that are currently being undertaken or that have been agreed by Oxfam’s leadership in response to the current crisis. The aim is to ensure an urgent, comprehensive and accountable response across the Oxfam confederation which will lead to deep-rooted lasting change.

Our objective is to bring about the necessary changes to our policy, practice and culture to stamp out exploitation, abuse and harassment from all parts of our confederation, protecting those we work with and ensuring justice for survivors of abuse.

The actions listed focus on:

  • Demonstrating a meaningful commitment to transparency and accountability, including through the establishment of an independent commission to review our past and current work – the findings of which will be public, and the recommendations of which will guide further action by Oxfam
  • Changing policies, practices and culture within Oxfam, including significantly increasing our investment in safeguarding and in gender training and support
  • Working with others across the humanitarian and development sector to prevent this from happening again, including efforts to reform r