"We constantly worry, we are always on edge." Perceptions of the earthquake response in Türkiye

Blair, F.
Publication language
Date published
25 Aug 2023
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Participation, Disasters, Earthquakes

Shortly after the earthquake, Ground Truth Solutions launched a qualitative research project to support humanitarian responders design, implement, and evaluate programmes based on the views of affected people. Through this study, we sought to understand how accountable the humanitarian response in Türkiye is to people’s needs, priorities, and expectations; and how aid can be more responsive to the unfolding needs of the affected population in Türkiye. We also explored how international actors can effectively support and engage with the localised response.
In adopting a qualitative research approach, our findings in this report do not seek to represent the perceptions of the affected population across the response. Instead, we highlight key issues and experiences of individuals across different parts of the affected area, which can also serve as a platform for further research. We divide our findings among the following key themes: community priorities; participation and feedback; information; access and safety; fairness and inclusion; and localisation.