Verification Exercise - Preliminary Result March 2014

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31 Mar 2014
Research, reports and studies
Forced displacement and migration, Targeting, Identification and Profiling

Based on the outcomes of the Vulnerable Assessment of Syrian Refugees (VASyR), WFP and UNHCR jointly reached a decision to re-focus on food hygiene and baby kit assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees through a targeting approach. The targeting approach is based on responsible programming to ensure that the assistance reaches those in need most and that resources are used effectively and efficiently. The targeting exercise in Lebanon started in November 2013. WFP, UNHCR and various Cooperating Partners (CPs) designed a comprehensive appeal and verification process to guarantee the accuracy of the targeting roll-out, therefore ensure that those most in need were receiving assistance.

The objectives of the present report are to: provide an overall overview of the vulnerability profile of the households visited during the verification exercise; highlight the differences and similarities in living conditions between the households that were re- included after verification and those that remained excluded; and identify the indicators that show the highest discrepancies by re-inclusion status and that therefore could be considered as the best proxies of overall vulnerability.

The verification exercise was carried out through household visits and key information on the living conditions of the families was collected through direct observation and interviews with the family members.