Understanding the health needs of internally displaced persons: A scoping review

Cantor, D., Swartz, J., Roberts, B., Abbara, A., Ager, A., Bhutta, Z. A., Blanchet, K., Madoro Bunte, D., Chukwuorji, J. C., Daoud, N., Ekezie, W., Jimenez-Damary, C., Jobanputra, K., Makhashvili, N., Rayes, D., Restrepo-Espinosa, M. H., Rodriguez-Morales, A. J., Salami, B. and Smith, J.
Publication language
Date published
29 Oct 2021
Journal of Migration and Health
Internal Displacement, Health

We seek to strengthen understanding of the health needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in contexts of conflict or violence. Based upon a scoping review, our paper identified limited evidence on IDP health, but nevertheless indicates that IDPs tend to experience worse health outcomes than other conflict-affected populations across a range of health issues; and this is due to the particularly vulnerable situation of IDPs relative to these other populations, including reduced access to health services. Further research is required to better understand these needs and the interventions that can most effectively address these needs.