Ukraine DFID-Funded INGO Consortium Case Study Findings

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Date published
01 Apr 2017
Research, reports and studies
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Conflict, violence & peace, Development & humanitarian aid

This case study report forms part of the findings from a Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) study on inter-agency collaboration for the delivery of Cash Transfer Programmes (CTPs). The relationship between various forms and levels of inter-agency collaboration for the delivery of CTP and the efficiency and effectiveness of these programmes was examined via four case studies. For further details on the study scope, methodology and findings across cases, please refer to the full study report.

The Ukraine DFID INGO Consortium was selected as a case study to illustrate the consortium form of inter-agency collaboration for multi-purpose cash assistance, with formal relationships and a single funding flow across members. It is distinctive from other cases in that the consortium structure and CTP approach were developed for a single UK Department for International Development (DFID) grant, and the collaboration did not extend beyond this first project period (17 months).