Tsunami Evaluation Coalition, Synthesis Report: Expanded Summary, Joint evaluation of the international response to the Indian Ocean tsunami

Cosgrave, J.
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Date published
01 Jan 2007
Evaluation reports
Disasters, Evaluation-related, Networks, Protection, human rights & security, Response and recovery, Shelter and housing
Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC)

This report summarises and reviews the recommendations of the Synthesis Report of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC). The TEC is a group of aid agencies interested in encouraging learning from the international response to the December 2004 tsunami disaster through joint evaluation.

There was early recognition that the exceptional response to the tsunami disaster, including the amount of money given, not only demanded a high standard of accountability to a generous public but also provided an opportunity for learning by the international humanitarian community. A meeting in Geneva in February 2005 started a process that led to the formation of the TEC with three aims:

  1. To learn from the response to improve the quality of future humanitarian action, including linkages to longer term recovery and development.
  2. To provide some accountability to the millions of people who gave, either directly or through their taxes, to the tsunami response, as well as to the publics of the affected countries.
  3. To test the evaluation model used by the TEC to inform future joint evaluations.