Tracking cash and voucher assistance

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01 Sep 2022
Research, reports and studies
Cash-based transfers (CBT)

he commitment of the humanitarian community to increase its use of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) is seen as a success story of the Grand Bargain.[1] Progress has also been made through the Grand Bargain 2.0 in endorsing a new cash coordination model.[2] However, the most recent independent Grand Bargain monitoring report pointed out that the ‘tracking of the funding for CVA is still not optimal’.[3] Effective coordination of humanitarian CVA under the new model is hindered by a lack of timely and disaggregated data on where, by whom, how and for what CVA is used. This research therefore seeks to answer three main questions on the tracking of humanitarian CVA:

  • What does the most recent, publicly available data on CVA tell us about its use in humanitarian crisis responses?
  • How is data on CVA currently reported and made accessible through interagency reporting platforms?
  • How can reporting of CVA be improved?