The Most Affected: Why children’s voices must be at the heart of the food and nutrition crisis response

Save the Children
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01 Jan 2023
Save the Children
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Save the Children

The world is experiencing a food crisis of unprecedented proportions. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the illness and death rate from malnutrition is increasing more than in any place in the world. In twelve of the worst-hit countries, 6.1 million children are suffering from severe wasting. This brief is a powerful summary of children’s voices across the African continent, including from the African Children’s Parliament, speaking out about the impact of food insecurity and malnutrition and their call to action for governments, the African Union, and donors.

1- Urgently place the immediate needs of all vulnerable children at the top of their agenda

2- Commit to long-term measures to tackle the underlying drivers of malnutrition and food insecurity.

3- Deliver international agreements and declarations on hunger and famine prevention

5- Listen to children.