The Mediterranean Host Municipalities Learning Network: Best Practices in Hosting Refugees

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Date published
09 May 2017
Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI)
Research, reports and studies
Forced displacement and migration, Host Communities, Shelter and housing, Urban

This bilingual (English and Arabic) compendium collects best practices and successful experiences from participants in the Host Municipalities Network who are hosting a high number of refugees. The experiences described in this compendium demonstrate the strong efforts of host municipalities and local stakeholders in responding to the refugee crisis. Focused on priority sectors, these reports show local experiences in how to enhance good governance, strengthen social cohesion, improve labor market integration of both refugees and their hosts, and find solutions for the strained sectors of waste management and housing. While acknowledging that every host community faces problems and challenges that are unique to its particular context, the Network is offering to share their knowledge and successful experiences regarding how they have responded to common challenges in an effort to help alleviate the burden of each community finding new innovative solutions.