Syrian refugee response: vulnerability assessment of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Sleiman, D. and Monzer, M.
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Date published
08 Aug 2014
Factsheets and summaries
Forced displacement and migration

VASyR is the Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon aimed at gaining knowledge of their living conditions and informing decision-making on programmatic activities. It is a joint UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP multi-sectorial household survey conducted with the registered and awaiting-registration Syrian refugee population in Lebanon.

VASyR is designed to give accurate, multi-sectorial vulnerability criteria of the refugee population for the implementation of humanitarian assistance and to enable humanitarian stakeholders to improve their programming and target assistance for the most vulnerable.

This report summarises the results of the VASyR 2014 survey which provided an evaluation of the vulnerability situation of Syrian refugees one year after the original 2013 VASyR in Lebanon. It is based on interviews with 1,750 Syrian refugee households conducted in May 2014 .