Supporting local actors: Evaluation of Sweden's application of the Grand Bargain localisation agenda

Swithern, S., Lattimer, C. Atim, T., Karume, G., Kondratenko, D., Korenkova, K., Zahau, C.
Publication language
Date published
08 Jan 2024
Thematic evaluation
Accountability and Participation, Local capacity

This evaluation seeks to improve the evidence base on Sweden’s application of the localisation agenda, under the commitments in the Grand Bargain. It provides analysis of Sweden’s performance against these commitments, specifically:

a) Sweden’s action on localisation to date:

  • Review of Sweden’s efforts to support implementation of the localisation agenda within its humanitarian work.
  • Analysis of efforts and gaps to reveal what these demonstrate about Sweden’s motivations, interpretation, and priorities in applying the localisation agenda.

b) Impacts of these actions to advance localisation:

  • Evaluation of the results of Sweden’s efforts and interventions on advancing the localisation agenda.
  • Analysis of the factors that have enabled or hindered Sweden’s investment in efforts and achievement of positive outcomes.

c) Potential for improved efforts and outcomes to advance localisation:

  • Articulation of the challenges and opportunities for Sweden’s humanitarian work to further the localisation agenda.
  • Recommendation of future areas of where Sweden can contribute to progress on localisation.

While the primary aim of the evaluation was to inform the future of Sweden’s humanitarian support, the report also contributes to strengthening the evidence base available to other Grand Bargain signatories and wider localisation stakeholders. The challenges faced by Sweden in applying its localisation commitments are far from unique and are likely to resonate with those encountered by other bilateral donors and humanitarian organisations.