Silent Crisis: information, decision-making, and communities on the frontlines of climate change

Diepeveen, S., Filer, T., Czibor, E., Ganduri, T., Molana-Allen, L.
Publication language
Date published
05 Oct 2023
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation, Community-led, Environment & climate

Silent Crisis, our new report on information, decision-making, and communities on the frontlines of climate change, is out today.

Commissioned by Internews and developed in collaboration with State-up, the report documents profound climate impacts that are already being felt around the world today and the information that local communities, and governments and the international community, need around them.

It makes the case for specific actions that organisations should be taking now to avert massive-scale crises including humanitarian disaster, conflict, and mass migration.

Recommendations for key organisations

Along with the case studies, the report includes a literature review and recommendations. It provides practical steps forward under five key recommendations:

  • Strengthen communication channels between local communities and national and global climate forums and decision-making bodies
  • Design and fund hyper-localised, contextually grounded information interventions
  • Rethink the criteria for allocation of climate change adaptation funding – and engage local information ecosystems to inform funding and programming decisions
  • Fund and deliver a new research agenda at the climate-information-humanitarian nexus
  • Identify, develop, and resource realistic channels for responsive government and policy reform