Show Me The Money - ICVA 2014 Conference Report

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01 Apr 2014
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Development & humanitarian aid, Funding and donors

Resourcing humanitarian action is a prominent and recurring challenge for humanitarian action. Humanitarian financing and current funding mechanisms are often not accessible to all humanitarian actors, especially national NGOs. Today’s proliferation of emergencies and the growing number of protracted situations reveal that our current humanitarian architecture is not sufficient. Practitioners need to better understand existing funding mechanisms and explore alternative, innovative ways to resource humanitarian action. The theme for ICVA’s 2014 Annual Conference was both timely and critical. With a focus on resourcing principled humanitarian action, the Conference established an understanding of the current international financing system and encouraged an exchange of views and experiences among ICVA members and non-members.

The conference provided a platform for practitioners and non-practitioners to share important achievements, present good practices and discuss challenges and solutions in resourcing humanitarian action. In line with ICVA’s 2013 Annual Conference on Innovation, the key objectives of the conference were to:
• Increase ICVA member and non-member understanding of the current international financing system and its mechanisms;
• Provide an opportunity for members and non-members to build partnerships and alliances; and
• Create opportunities to rethink existing approaches.