Risk-informed Approaches to Humanitarian Funding - Using Risk Finance Tools to Strengthen Resilience

Willitts-King, B. , Weingärtner, L. , Pichon, F. & Spencer, A.
Publication language
Date published
07 Jun 2020
Research, reports and studies
Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disaster risk reduction, Funding and donors, humanitarian action, Logistics, Protection
European Commission, ODI

The international humanitarian system is exploring ways to respond differently to meet needs in the face of the funding gap. There is an increase in the use of disaster risk financing (DRF) instruments to address needs using a more timely, pre-planned, risk-informed approach. Having the right funding mechanisms in place to be able to respond appropriately in advance of, or as quickly as necessary after, a shock is critical.

The Directorate-General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO), through the Inspire consortium, commissioned this study from ODI to explore the role that pre-arranged financing can play in reducing or mitigating disaster impacts by supporting anticipatory action and response.


Willitts-King, B. , Weingärtner, L. , Pichon, F. & Spencer, A.