Review Report of COAST Trust

Chowdhury, O. Easmin, F.
Publication language
Date published
01 Mar 2010
Programme/project reviews
Development & humanitarian aid, Poverty, Response and recovery
COAST Foundation, COAST Foundation
This is the review report of the COAST Trust. The two members team was
commissioned by the Board of Trustee (BoT) of COAST to review the
COAST management and programmes from the last review up to 2009.. The
prime objective of this assessment was to assess the impact of different
development program along with future challenge and opportunities for the
organization that will create a pave of uniqueness in development field.
The transformation of COAST from Action Aid project takes place in January
1998. Since then COAST has been growing not only in size but also in
undertaking innovative programmes for the benefit of the poorest people of
coastal areas as well as policy issues that affect the nation. For the last ten
years , COAST has expended its development initiatives to benefit 100,000
direct beneficiaries of which 90 % are women in 21 upzilas of 6 coastal
districts compared to the beginning of COAST .