Review of NGO Leadership Roles in Clusters

Luff, R.
Publication language
Date published
28 Feb 2015
Research, reports and studies
Coordination, Cluster coordination, Leadership and Decisionmaking, NGOs

As a follow-up to the ICVA NGO cluster co-lead review of country experiences in March 20101, this report analyses NGO cluster (and sector) co-leadership and identifies recommendations for NGOs considering these roles. Since the 2010 study, NGOs providing co-leadership capacity for clusters continue to gain wide acceptance and are increasingly adopted by UNHCR in sector-led coordination mechanisms.

Chiefly, this review examined NGO co-leadership in the context of activated clusters while also taking into consideration other coordination mechanisms such as deactivated clusters and Sector Working Groups. The work was conducted from late October to late December of 2014 and information was accessed from a series of key informant interviews, a review of key documents, a survey of 72 co-leadership posts identified, as well as from and Cluster Lead Agency (CLA) web sites.