Recommendations for Displacement and Migration Projects in Central America

Gue, N.
Publication language
Date published
25 Jan 2024
Lessons papers
Conflict, violence & peace, Forced displacement and migration, Learning and evaluation of similar crises
Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama
The Start Network

The current decade has seen more people than ever, from dozens of nations, making the journey through Central America towards the USA. Driven by endemic poverty, security issues and climate change, many of these individuals and families embark on this journey to seek a new life in one of the richest countries in the world. The route often involves crossing numerous borders where laws, health challenges and limited resources can halt the caravan, leaving host countries with the responsibility of providing shelter, food and water, and WASH facilities to thousands of migrants.

Synthesised from a review of nine alerts and their subsequent awarded projects, the following recommendations reflect the learnings and advice of CADENA, World Vision and Oxfam in relation to crises of migration and displacement in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. It is intended to act as a guidance document for organisations facing these kinds of crises, through the provision of simplified recommendations founded on evidence and learning.