Real-time review of DEC's response to Cyclone Idai

Mutsaka, B., Dlugosz, A., Gift Kanike, B., Harris-Sapp, T., and Juillard, H.
Publication language
Date published
01 Aug 2019
Real-time evaluation
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Cyclone, Response and recovery
Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe
Disasters Emergency Committee, Key Aid Consulting, Key Aid Consulting

To support its member agencies in improving their response and as part of its public accountability for the use of the funds raised through the Cyclone Idai Appeal, the DEC commissioned an independent real-time response review.  The aim of the review was to generate reflection and learning in a participatory manner whilst the project was being implemented.  This synthesis report complements the three country reports (Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe) by providing overarching findings and recommendations. It can be read in conjunction with the country reports or as a standalone overview of the DEC members’ response to Cyclone Idai.