Private Sector Engagement in Complex Emergencies: Case Studies From Yemen and Southern Somalia

El Taraboulsi-McCarthy, S., Majid, N., Willits-King, B.
Publication language
Date published
01 Feb 2017
Research, reports and studies
Conflict, violence & peace, Development & humanitarian aid
Somalia, Yemen

This report explores how the local private sector has responded to the crises in Yemen and Somalia, with a specific focus on the opportunities and obstacles to private sector engagement with the humanitarian community.

A key finding from the research is that the private sector is present in complex emergencies, contrary to the general perception that areas of conflict are no place for business. This preliminary study finds a number of areas of common ground that may help foster stronger connections between the business and humanitarian communities, both within these contexts and more broadly. The challenge is to foster positive relationships that can support humanitarian goals.

The report concludes that the role of the private sector in shaping markets within the humanitarian dimensions of conflicts should be further explored through research, use of political economy analysis and convening discussions between multiple stakeholder groups.