People First Impact Method Assessment, West Darfur/Sudan

O’Hagan, P.
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01 Apr 2011
People First Impact Method
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Participation

The objective of the assessment was to a) identify causes of division among youth and b) with them to develop strategies that they can adopt to address these causes. An updated assessment was completed and builds upon the findings of a previous P-FiM assessment carried out in July 2010 in El Geneina and Krenek. This forms a baseline against which current findings can be compared. Seventeen focus group discussions were conducted by thirty one members of the West Darfur Youth Organisation and WCC staff. Between 08-19 March 2011 these staff were trained in the People First Impact Method (Annex 2) (over a period of two days); deployed to the field; engaged in a leadership development exercise for three days and then deployed for further field exercises over a period of two days. Ten discussion groups were conducted in El Geneina on Friday 11 March 2011 and seven in Krenek and Beida Localities on 16 and 17 March 2011. A total of 404 community members were engaged in qualitative discussion of issues affecting them at local levels and as perceived and understood by them – these were then attributed quantitatively in terms of drivers of positive and negative impact differences. 139 discussion group members were female and 265 male aged between 10-40 years. Confer Annex 3 for details. Out of 24 participants who completed evaluation forms 65% felt that the learning objectives had been fully met; 33% felt that they had been mostly met; only 2% respectively felt they had been partly or not met. It is important to positively note that this assessment was carried out entirely by Darfurians.