Outcome, learning, and evaluation for the Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP)

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Date published
28 Aug 2019
Research, reports and studies
Evaluation-related, Monitoring, Forced displacement and migration
Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda
Samuel Hall

For Monitoring, Evaluation and Real Time Learning of the RDPP-portfolio, the Dutch Government contracted a Learning and Evaluation Team (LET) of which Samuel Hall is the co-lead. Implemented over a period of three years, the evaluation approach includes a learning component designed to support regional partners during the implementation of their interventions to improve performance and increase impact. The results and lessons learned from monitoring and evaluation activities are regularly shared and discussed with partners for this purpose. In this spirit, LET has engaged partners at the baseline stage of the M&E activities (2018). Results were presented at the EU steering committee in November 2018. The specific objectives for the Dutch Government in contracting the LET team are therefore:

  1. Enhancing knowledge, understanding of and support for Dutch policy on durable solutions for refugees in the region;
  2. Enhancing effective implementation of international and Dutch migration policy;
  3. Supporting (policy) development initiatives in the field of migration/durable solutions through small, catalytic activities.