Monrovia City Corporation’s Slum Initiative: Preparation of Monrovia Slum Upgrading Initiative

Cole, H.
Publication language
Date published
01 Jan 2008
Programme/project reviews
Disasters, Epidemics & pandemics, Shelter and housing, Urban
Cities Alliance

Decent housing is one of the fundamental essentials that all humans are entitled to. It is at least as important as education, health and employment. Housing should not be seen in isolation, good housing sets the scene for all other things to function effectively. There is no doubt that those who are adequately housed are less likely to suffer from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid fever and malaria. This in turn makes it less likely for them to be absent from work and schools; absenteeism which reduces their life chances. The importance of housing on any political agenda must therefore not be ignored and should receive much more than lip service. 

This report focuses on low income housing in the urban city of Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. A lot of attention is paid to the five slum settlements of West Point, Sonewein, Salt Beach, Clara Town and Logan Town. It has to be emphasized that these are not the only slum settlements in Monrovia and that they cannot be claimed to be the worst slum settlements in Monrovia either. The Census results, the finals of which are yet to be released, have already identified over 20 slum settlements in Monrovia. Low income housing issues should therefore be given priority by the government of Liberia. The challenges faced by those living in such desperate conditions and those struggling to deliver essential services within these settlements must be acknowledged and best efforts made by all concerned to deal with such challenges.