Midline study of the Maharo resilience food security activity in Madagascar

Causal Design (CD) Save the Children TANGO International Inc. Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Madagascar
Publication language
Date published
01 Sep 2023
USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)
Impact evaluation
Cluster coordination, Food and nutrition, Food security, Blended finance

This report captures midline (ML) survey data collected from February to March 2023 for the impact evaluation (IE) of the Maharo resilience food security activity (RFSA) implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in the southern region of Madagascar. This activity attempts to address and mitigate acute levels of food insecurity experienced by communities in this region of Madagascar. The ML study examined a smaller set of intermediate indicators than those collected at the baseline (BL), focusing exclusively on indicators where researchers expected the most progress. Indicators studied at the ML include food security; child nutrition and health; women’s maternal nutrition and reproductive health; water, sanitation, and hygiene practice; agricultural practices; and gender dynamics. An accompanying attrition exercise was conducted to understand the rate of attrition among participating households. The BL survey was conducted from February to March 2021. A complementary endline (EL) survey with an accompanying cost-effectiveness analysis is anticipated to be conducted from February to March 2025.