Mid-term Evaluation of Emergency Response

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01 Jul 2010
Evaluation reports

Purpose: To evaluate Concern’s response programme in the first six months following the January 12th earthquake with particular emphasis on appropriateness, timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions carried out.

Objectives focus on: 1. The process; 2. The quality, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the response; 3. The level of connectedness and coherence of the response.; 4. Relevance of Concern’s systems to cope with a major sudden onset emergency –HR, Finance, Procurement and Logistics systems.; 5. The extent to which ‘lessons’ or recommendations from previous emergencies were incorporated into this response; 6. Identify lessons to be learned to inform the future emergency responses of Concern.

Methodology: Participatory process: 1. Review of relevant secondary data – e.g. proposals, donor reports, and case studies; 2. Meet and/or interview key staff in Concern’s head office and US office; 3. Use of appropriate tools and interview/focus groups discussions. 4. Visit the areas where the emergency responses were implemented, using appropriate tools to interview programme participants and other key stakeholders, including partners and project staff - the views of non- beneficiaries should also be included; 5. Debriefing and / or presentation to key staff on key findings and recommendations; 6. Produce and solicit feedback on the draft report from relevant Concern staff in Dublin and Haiti; 7. Production of the final report from the analysis.