Lessons Papers: A Methods Note

Dillon, N. & Campbell, L.
Date published
23 Jan 2018
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Organisational, Research methodology, Research, policy and analysis

This Methods Note proposes a revised methodology for future ALNAP Lessons Papers. It seeks to improve the rigour of the research methods used to generate them, while maintaining the broad research questions and inclusive approach to grey literature review. 

This Methods Note is aimed primarily at the ALNAP Secretariat and authors of future Lessons Papers. It should be used to guide the definition of the Terms of Reference (ToR) and methods design of Lessons Papers, and as a normative framework against which to judge their quality and completion. This Methods Note is also intended to be of indirect use to other humanitarian organisations conducting evidence reviews, for which it should provide useful insights into the methods available for conducting a rigorous review of grey literature, with a focus on the type of literature produced by the humanitarian community.