Land and Natural Disasters: Guidance for Practitioners

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Date published
01 Jan 2010
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Environment & climate, Disasters, Targeting, Identification and Profiling, Urban, Shelter and housing, Land issues
UN Habitat


The main purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a holistic approach
to addressing land issues from the immediate aftermath of a natural
disaster through early recovery and reconstruction phases. It is targeted
at humanitarians and land professionals, as well as Government
officials. The Guidelines take an inter-disciplinary approach to land,
one that also brings together emergency relief and early recovery
This Section provides an introduction to why land issues
are important in the context of natural disasters. It also
outlines the structure of the Guidelines, who should use the
Guidelines, and how and when the Guidelines should be used.
It concludes with a table summarizing the issues covered and
where further information can be found in the Guidelines.
It should be emphasized that the Guidelines have been developed
as a modular product, including information regarding important
processes, critical land issues, references to relevant tools, and guidance
on who should do what when. Users are encouraged to read through
this Section to learn where they can find the information they seek.