Jordan Response Plan for the Syria Crisis 2016-2018

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Date published
27 Jan 2016
Plans, policy and strategy
Coordination, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Development & humanitarian aid, National & regional actors, National Disaster Management Authority, Forced displacement and migration, Host Communities
JRPSC - Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis

The Jordan Response Plan to the Syria Crisis 2016 – 2018 represents a three-year programme of high priority interventions to enable the Kingdom of Jordan to respond to the effects of the Syria crisis without jeopardizing its development trajectory.

The Jordan Response Plan 2016-2018 is a call for collective action to better support Syrian refugees and Jordanian people, communities and institutions. It is based on a number of assumptions which will be regularly revised and adjusted, if needed. Implementation of the Plan will be guided by the JRPSC, under the leadership of the Government of Jordan.

The plan consists of four chapters. (I) Overview and Methodology; (II) Sector Response Plans; (III) Impact Assessment of the Syria Crisis and Specific Budget Support Needs; and (IV) Management Arrangements.