Inter-agency Real-time Evaluation (IA RTE) of the Humanitarian Response to the Haiti Earthquake

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01 Apr 2010
Evaluation reports
Development & humanitarian aid, Disasters, Urban, Earthquakes

The IA RTE will be multi-phased and provide snapshots of current situations, including real-time feedback and learning to the UN Country Team (UNCT) and to the IASC locally. The main objective of the IA RTE is to assess the response at multiple phases to inform management decision making in the field, and enable both field and headquarters staff to undertake corrective actions in real time as the response evolves. Actions taken during the first weeks and months after a disaster have a major impact on the recovery process that follows. Accordingly, the first IA RTE team will be deployed during the initial phase. A subsequent mission will allow for reflection on uptake of lessons learned and further reflect upon the direction of the response. The results of the IA RTE in Haiti are envisaged to support the ongoing operational planning of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT), which will be the most immediate user of the IA RTE process and its recommendations. In the transition to recovery phase of the IA RTE, primary users include those involved in the post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) and recovery framework (RF) development processes, senior management and support functions within agencies involved in the response, donors, and others.