Impact of Drought on Protection in Somalia (Reporting period: 01 January 2021 – 31 October 2022)

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09 Dec 2022
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Conflict, violence & peace, Drought, Internal Displacement

Drought and conflict have caused 2.4 million displacements of Somali women, children and men since the start of 2021. Drought is attributed to 1.3 million displacements of people in search of food, livelihoods and water, with 1.1 million due to conflict. Many displacements have been to urban areas, 43 per cent between districts and 57 per cent inter-district

The number of drought- and conflict-induced displacements reported so far in 2022 have surpassed the last highest number recorded in 2017, the peak of the previous drought, which also coincides with the highest number of districts with IPC 3 & 4 since 2017 (60 in 2022 compared to 48 in 2017). This shows a direct correlation between drought, subsequent food scarcity, and displacement, and suggests that displacement will increase as the drought and food scarcity worsens.

Somali women, children, and men are already facing serious threats to their physical safety and other life-threatening protection risks. The worsening drought and subsequent food scarcity risk are increasing these threats and risks whilst exacerbating existing ones. This is against a backdrop of increasing humanitarian needs, access and security constraints, rapid urbanization, and structural issues that lead to the exclusion of minority groups.