ICVA's Review of NGOs’ Experience with the Syria-Related Pooled Funds

Stoianova, V.
Publication language
Date published
31 Dec 2014
Programme/project reviews
Funding and donors, NGOs
Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

This review of non-governmental organisations’ (NGOs) experience with the Syria-related pooled funds was conducted during the months of November and December of 2014 within the humanitarian financing focal area of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA). The review analysed NGO experiences with the Syria-related pooled funds, both before and after the restructuring of the regional Emergency Response Fund (ERF) into country- based pooled funds (CBPFs). The study focused on: the accessibility of the Fund; its processes, including dissemination of information, application, allocation, disbursement, reporting and auditing; flexibility and timeliness; and the added value of the ERF to NGOs. The review identified both good practices and limitations of the Fund, harnessing lessons learned with the objective of offering observations and recommendations to the regional and global humanitarian communities in order to improve its efficiency and impact.