Humanitarian action in the Pacific: “Towards strengthening local cction in the Pacific”

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Date published
01 Mar 2021
Research, reports and studies
Development & humanitarian aid, Disaster risk reduction, Environment & climate, Climate Action (SDG)

The PRP in endorsing this mapping activity is committed to contribute evidence to uphold accountability to the commitments made at the Grand Bargain in Istanbul, May 2016 during the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). This initiative builds on other essential work around localisation in the Pacific such as: Pacific regional consultation prior to the WHS, Pacific Resilience Partnership Meetings (PRP) and the Pacific Resilience Meeting 2019 (PRM).

This report also links to realising the Framework of the Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) an integrated approach to addressing climate change and disaster risk management in the Pacific, specifically on goal 3 on ‘strengthened disaster preparedness, response and recovery’. The FRDP provides high level strategic guidance to different stakeholder groups on how to enhance resilience to climate change and disasters, in ways that contribute to and are embedded in a sustainable development lens.

This report places local non-government actors at both regional and national levels at the center of the localisation discourse in the region. In doing so, it recognises the pivotal, and complementary role NGO’s play to government and the distinct strength of humanitarian work currently in the Pacific.