HR Pack - Program data management for Humanitarian Aid and International Development CSOs

Chranuski M., de France M., Pruvost B. and Wach E.
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Date published
29 Mar 2021
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Information Management

This resource was originally published on the CartONG website in March 2021. It was transferred to the IM Resource Portal in May 2021.

This resource is available as a ZIP file containing four files in pdf format and one Excel file.

The HR pack was designed to provide methodological support to humanitarian aid and international development CSOs in order to help them better structure their human resources in program data management, be it to conduct an overall internal review of the HR organisation in program data management, to identify training needs, to launch a recruitment or even to build or strengthen an organisational strategy on the topic with structuring aims.

Supporting humanitarian aid and international development CSOs in setting up the structure of their human resources in program data management is crucial and allows not only to think about program data management in a strategic way, but also ensures that the human resources mobilised by the organisations are in line with their actual program data management needs.

The aim of the HR pack is to allow for a silo-based approach, starting with the most general aspects linked to the main skills blocks in program data management, then moving down to the organisational aspects and finally to the job description level.

The pack is composed of a short study entitled “Framing the key issues and getting familiar with the toolbox” (which acts as an introduction), and of four tools designed to be easily accessible to HR specialists as well as more “technical advisor” type profiles specialised in program data management or monitoring and evaluation.

Although the pack has been designed as a continuum, each tool can also be used separately, mainly as a resource to guide and widen the reflection on the way to structure program data management within an organisation, to launch the recruitment for a program data management position or to frame program data management training needs.