HARP-F Functionality Review

Publication language
Date published
01 Feb 2022
The Operations Partnership
Research, reports and studies
Local capacity, Development & humanitarian aid, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction

This review looks at how the design, processes and structures of the HARP Facility have contributed to its ability to deliver humanitarian assistance and with what impact. It provides forward-looking recommendations that discuss how the benefits of HARP-F can be sustained in future funding for localised humanitarian responses in Myanmar.

The report seeks to:

Identify how HARP-F’s structures and systems have evolved since 2016, and the impact of HARP-F systems on the provision of humanitarian assistance in areas of protracted crisis.

Understand how HARP-F’s structure and ways of working have supported localisation though its engagement with national and international actors, both by intention and by result.

Gather lessons to inform the development of instruments for multi-year, multi-sector humanitarian and protracted crisis programming in Myanmar and elsewhere.