Half a Decade of Hunger: How Conflict has Starved Yemen’s Future Generations

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07 Sep 2020
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Children & youth, Conflict, violence & peace, Working in conflict setting, Disability, Food and nutrition, Food aid, Food security, Forced displacement and migration, Internal Displacement, humanitarian action
Human Appeal

In this report, with a focus on children and future generations, we provide a summary of the situation facing the people of Yemen five years into the conflict that has killed and displaced hundreds of thousands, and starved millions. As one of the largest humanitarian crises to blight the world in the 2010s, the ongoing relentless conflict and the consequences for Yemen’s economy and infrastructure have combined to push the country into a state of famine for years on end. This has undoubtedly had a harrowing impact on future generations, especially those born into the conflict whose parents do not know where the next meal is coming from. As is sadly the case in crises like this, it is those who are already vulnerable who suffer.

Human Appeal has worked in Yemen since before the conflict started. The country was already suffering from extreme poverty before the conflict exacerbated the already fragile situation. This report also highlights some of the work we have carried out in Yemen during the course of the conflict, and brings to attention some of the real-life stories of people whose lives have been positively impacted by our work.